UK University survey shows “bonus” was actually the most effective measures to quit smoking

Many smokers know that cigarettes harm the human body , but there is no way to stop smoking. According to the Japanese Rocketnews 24 website on March 19 reported that although some people think that the nicotine patch for smoking cessation and cessation of sugar is very effective , but studies have shown that ” if we can provide some compensation to smokers , ex-smokers can successfully quit smoking ,” the the results caused a heated discussion among smokers.

Praise be to strengthen the idea of ​​quitting

Professor Jane Adams , led by Newcastle University research team to identify the best way to make people quit bad habits . They find 30,000 people to give them cash , gift certificates or coupons for the conditions to allow them to quit smoking , exercise or accept prevent detection of cancer. Survey shows that 16 % of people chose to give up .

The findings show that although only three pounds prize ( about RMB 30 million), but the contrast with no incentives circumstances ” have ( incentives ) cases more effective .” It can be inferred that if smokers decided to quit smoking , then quit and give guidance only compared to the case , was given a bonus of smokers quitting success rate more than twice .

Kick the habit in favor of compensation

Subsequent experiments also showed that give bonuses to other smokers than in other populations also apply . Let obese people exercise, or make breastfeeding mothers with milk instead of breastfeeding , giving them bonuses are the most effective method. At the same research team also statistical data of all test results , giving a bonus of up to 62 percent of the way so that volunteers quit the habit. And it is said to penalty kick the habit as no punitive measures are also effective .

Compared with the cost of treatment of diseases caused by smoking , more cost-effective budget bonus

On the one hand , people think ” the people’s taxes will be used as incentives to get rid of bad habits people can not be simply ridiculous ! ” And this criticism continued. But in the long run , than used for the treatment of medical diseases caused by smoking costs compared to smokers to quit and limited incentive bonus payouts significantly cheaper .

Dr. Adams predicted that “While it is impossible to calculate a definite bonus amount , but you can clear this is an appeal for low-income groups .”

Rocketnews 24 sites that ” money talks ,” This sentence is very convincing . Cigarette tax increase is actually a disguised form of penalty measures for smokers . In fact, the rise in cigarette prices, has also become an opportunity for many people to quit smoking , so it seems to admit that this is an effective strategy to promote smoking cessation.

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