The advent of a new generation of electronic cigarette testing machine

The advent of a new generation of electronic cigarette testing machine

English test equipment manufacturers Si Rulin , recently introduced class steam machine CETI8 ( Si Rulin electronic cigarette instrumentation ) , enter the electronic cigarette testing business .

The company determines that it saw a gap in the market , its position here, because the identification of electronic cigarette emissions is still in its infancy , it is difficult to obtain specialized equipment to measure the amount and composition of steam .

” In the manufacture of smoking machine , refer to the majority of published studies on how much material and release electronic cigarette vapor release , ” technical director斯茹林Ian Tyndall said.

But there are problems with this approach. First , the inherent cost of the smoking machine , further comprising a specialized laboratory space . Secondly, the use of smoke machines to find the original electronic cigarette steam cleaner trace compounds , people worried about being contaminated by the ordinary cigarettes.

” Si Rulin design CETI 8, the design idea is simple, ” Ian continued. “Make it smaller, make it easy to use, making it more flexible when testing electronic cigarette . And it is at least a third of the sales price of traditional smoking machine .”

Tobacco Science Research Conference in September Williamsburg on to show potential users the first prototype , after obtaining Tindall called ” overwhelming customer feedback ,” made ​​some changes to increase the usefulness of the design. ” Needless to say, such a simple design to meet or exceed the design in some areas .”

Since CETI8 is a top-mounted equipment , no longer must be assembled in the laboratory of smoking , avoiding accidental contamination. Further, since it is only used for electronic cigarette, during transport , the steam path is fresh .

The machine uses a jet engine – the device to be controlled electronic cigarette suction – suction between turns eight separate ports. Air jet caused triggered electronic cigarette , steam generated is absorbed by the pad collected for offline analysis system .

Jet ejected in two shapes – ISO Bell and square, it ‘s the amount of users can be programmed ( standard machine is 70 ml , the amount of expansion of the machine is 210 ml ) . But also on the duration of the programming.

Via touch screen control, control computer and laboratory information management systems can interact , or collected data is stored in a secure MS SQL Express database. Allows you to add four sets of dust filters or electrostatic trap hit the key variables of the machine will be achieved in the first quarter of 2014 .

“A lot of electronic cigarette devices is a challenge for designers , ” Ian revealed road. “Using the latest 3D printing technology can meet this challenge . Electronic cigarette devices are usually the size, shape or weight are not the same in the UK can print custom support overnight , which makes specialized part of the rapid manufacturing .

“By using a rubber diaphragm to open and close button accessories, triggering caused by the eruption of steam functions simultaneously solve the challenge button to activate the steam equipment .”

Work test electronic cigarette is still very new ,斯茹林says it has developed a pipeline of professional electronic cigarette products to meet the requirements of laboratory and production environments. CETI8 only the first generation of electronic cigarette testing machine .

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