Spanish smokers suffering from pneumonia caused by an electronic electronic cigarette controversy again

Spanish smokers suffering from pneumonia caused by an electronic electronic cigarette controversy again

According to Spain’s ” World News ” Web site on March 15 reported that recently , Spain when a man in the hospital for a medical examination was diagnosed with lipid pneumonia ( one due to excessive smoking caused lung disease ) , but according to the the man said , he would have already stopped using traditional tobacco , and replaced by a new health cigarette , also known as the ” electronic cigarette ” , the news was reported , has aroused widespread concern in the Spanish population , according to a latest survey results shows that many Spanish people have the intention to quit smoking completely , this incident will no doubt give the entire electronic cigarette manufacturing industry caused no small impact , then the electronic cigarette is harmful in the end it ?

For this question , different groups have different positions , many doctors called for smokers , electronic cigarettes do not be too sure of “harmless propaganda” , as it has a strong tradition of cigarettes addictive . But the electronic cigarette manufacturers have said that the electronic cigarette has the obvious advantage is that it can put the cigarette to the body to minimize harm , but also to meet the demand for tobacco smokers .

Tobacco contains nicotine is a highly addictive make contact special ingredients , according to the study drug experts , the addictive nature of nicotine is far greater than heroin and cocaine similar, to some extent, even more than to quit drug treatment even more difficult . The main effects of nicotine to stimulate the nerve center of the body , the cerebral cortex feel a kind of ” virtual” sense of pleasure and excitement , excessive exposure to it causes the body to produce nicotine dependence, thus forcing smokers to once again pick up the cigarettes.

Medical scholars have pointed out , actually works with traditional cigarettes electronic cigarette is not much difference , so the electronic cigarette can also be addictive , but it has a relatively small number of health hazards . Meanwhile physician also pointed out that simply reducing the dangers of cigarettes does not make much sense , cigarette most horrible place is that it ‘s addictive , because a small amount of smoke will not have much effect on the human body, the reason why smokers sick because ” quantitative led to a qualitative change “, if not reduce electronic cigarettes addictive is useless, because sooner or later because of excessive smoking smokers and suffer from various lung diseases , therefore , the electronic cigarette is only small increments people suffering from lung delayed time only.

Felix Manuel (Félix Manuel) is a professional physician to quit , he told Consulting , said: “My view is clear, regardless of how the electronic cigarette manufacturers and then excuse them only to protect their own economic interests , I have only one piece of advice , whether you are a traditional cigarette consumers or consumer electronic cigarette , if you cherish your life , then you quit smoking is a task that must be completed . has a lot of consumers successfully quit smoking traditional cigarettes , but I have rarely seen an electronic cigarette consumers can successfully quit smoking because they mistakenly believe that electronic cigarettes are harmless, so it does not intend to quit . ”

For the problem of how to quit smoking , electronic cigarette consumers from a smoking cessation center de Soto (Soto) Jose Valdes (José Valdés) gives his own views, he said: “I used to be a tradition cigarette consumers, from the age of 13 I started smoking , is now 54 years old, during which I almost always deprived of an entire pack of cigarettes a day, rapid decline in my physical condition , so I had to use the pills to maintain their health , and later appeared in the electronic cigarette , I changed my daughter would recommend smoke electronic cigarettes , electronic cigarette smoke since the change , I feel better , I can go a long time without feeling tired , but also reduces the frequency of cough . ”

In addition , according to Valdes described his now via electronic cigarette to quit smoking , he thinks it is difficult to give up smoking directly from a traditional cigarette , but if you use the electronic cigarette as a transitional period will be feeling a lot better . He had inhaled nicotine content daily average of 18 ml , has now been reduced to less than 6 ml / day , and sometimes even a day do not smoke . Valdes said: “This is a very good way , I do not have to bear the pain of quitting when , unknowingly given up smoking .”

But Valdez ‘s personal physician Fernando Martin (Fernando Martín) did not agree with his approach , Fernando is a doctor卡塔布里亚cessation centers , he said: ” Mr. Valdes and this way I quit smoking do not advocate , first of all, this approach is too slow to quit , according to our previous agreement, he had a half ago should fully complete cessation . another point that this approach will lead to quitting smoking cessation is not complete, although he now has the frequency of smoking decreased significantly, but he sometimes occasionally smoke electronic cigarette , he did not completely get rid of the nicotine dependence. accordance with the requirements of his family , I will give him this year in April to develop a strict smoking cessation program , he must be allowed cigarette completely lost interest , whether it is a traditional cigarette or e-cigarette . ”

On the other hand , Fernando also pointed out : ” Smokers would not only nicotine addiction , as well as 60% to 70% of smokers will develop because of smoke and a lot of very good habits , such as their hands must bring points something was comfortable , mouth moment can not be retired and sit , you must chew something, we can see a lot of people who quit smoking during the quitting will take a cudgel in his hand playing , or chewing gum , indicating that they are trying to get rid of smoke brought them bad habits .

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