Sin tax  to reduce smoking rates in the Philippines

” Sin tax ” to reduce smoking rates in the Philippines

Support the ” sin tax ” the team said that the implementation of the specific income ” sin tax ” is already reflected in reduced cigarette consumption in the Philippines .

In a joint statement by the 24 health, medical and youth organizations published , they said: ” We confidently stand by our view,” sin tax ” is being proven to be an effective tobacco control measures due to higher . cigarette prices, long-term tobacco Filipinos are addicted to reduce their consumption , and smokers who want to become more and more under attack, especially the young and the poor . ”

This group includes economic reform actions Philippines (AER) Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control Philippines (FCTC) Union , the Philippines and the Philippine Medical Association of New VOIS etc.

A report quoted Deputy Minister of Finance of small Jeremias Paul ‘s , the group said that the Philippines tobacco manufacturers in 2013 full-year production fell by 15.5 %, down from 5.8 million bales in 2012 to 4.9 million bales in 2013 .

Philippine National Tobacco Board supervisor Edgardo Zaragoza once said: “For cigarette consumption is the best indicator will be removed , because those indicators are demand side .”

The group also made ​​reference to the Ministry of Health National Epidemiology Center and the Action for Economic Reform (AER) to organize a survey done in December 2013 , the survey found that cigarette consumption in Cotabato City smokers dropped by an average of 34 per week branch .

Meanwhile, An Genuo , Rizal smokers reduce 10 cigarettes per week .

The group said the national trend over the study found that these places .

They also cited a young adult fertility and sexuality studies (YAFS) from the Philippines Population Institute and Population Research and Development Foundation, conducted in 2013 , the study showed that smoking rates in the 15 -year-old to 24 -year-old youth in the Philippines , has moved from 2012 decreased to 21.9% in 2013 to 19.7 %. Research indicates that this is as a result of higher sin taxes generated .

Unified tax rate

The group said that if the tobacco industry and its political allies are not lobbying against uniform sin tax scheme , it may be better tobacco control . The group has supported and continues to support a unified tax rate of 30 Philippine pesos per pack of cigarettes .

“We now look forward to the league in 2017 through the unification of the tobacco tax , if there is evidence that smoking has decreased in the past in 2013 , then a unified tax rate will bring greater health benefits in the process will save the lives of millions of smokers , ” the group said.

They asked politicians not to reverse the law of sin produced good results .

“In the next few years, the evil law will bring huge benefits Filipino compatriots , insisted that the bill would be a real victory for the Filipino people , ” they said.

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