NY nearly 57 percent of cigarette smuggling goods

According to the Tax Foundation, a conservative research organization reported on March 19, said the sale of cigarettes in New York State, most of the illegal cigarettes are smuggled into the state.

According to the report, in New York – the largest state imported smuggled cigarettes – cigarettes for sale, there are 56.9 percent from out of state. Since 2006, due to the substantial increase in the cigarette tax by 190%, New York’s 59 percent surge in cigarette smuggling. Today, New York’s cigarette tax is the highest in the United States, is $ 4.35 per pack. New York City residents must also pay an additional $ 1.50 per pack cigarette tax.

During 2006-2012, the U.S. 30 states and the District of Columbia increased the cigarette tax. Has been shown to increase the tobacco tax has achieved initial success in reducing smoking rates – especially among young smokers – but sometimes also caused a huge difference between the state and the state tobacco prices, a situation stimulated the illegal tobacco smuggling.

The highest rate of outward state cigarette smuggling, tobacco tax is relatively low in New Hampshire, the state’s only a short drive from some of New York.

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