Germany nicotine cigarette company plans to start the network Financing

Germany nicotine cigarette company plans to start the network Financing

No nicotine cigarette companies ( , said the company is looking to get financial support , which was based on tobacco products to help smokers quit as medical devices to market .

Managing Director of the company’s non- nicotine cigarette Sebastian Schewe said: “These methods produce results proved to be much simpler than initially expected, nicotine-free cigarettes may be produced using conventional breeding methods , without the use of chemicals or genetically modified crops. .” no nicotine cigarette companies registered in Bielefeld , Germany , claiming it is a start-up company .

No nicotine cigarette companies said that once large-scale studies to determine the effectiveness of its production of cigarettes only after the sale of these cigarettes . The company is supported by research funding , has launched a fund-raising activity in the network financing website Indiegogo.

No nicotine cigarette company’s product selection of cocoa beans with a soft shell made ​​of . This natural ingredient is crushed and baked to produce a pleasant aroma and smooth taste. There are two non- nicotine cigarette taste , conventional type and menthol . It is for wanting to quit or want to help friends and family concerned about the health of consumers .


No cigarette nicotine cigarette companies , in fact, do not contain tobacco, cocoa bean shell is made ​​of . Recent studies indicate that cocoa shells of high nutritional value , in particular a high content of dietary fiber and polyphenols , but now its main application as animal feed, it can be seen low cost. No nicotine cigarette companies made ​​with cocoa shells cigarette shaped products that can consume the same as smoking , and have a pleasant aroma, seen from the feedback of smokers , the smokers smoked meet the smoking process this product physiological and psychological desire , but do not actually contain harmful components of tobacco and nicotine , so they can make smokers quit cigarettes gradually achieve the goal. This smoking cessation products , completely out of dependence on nicotine , if the market can be recognized by consumers , the future may develop into a new market popular smoking cessation products .

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