The rise of the electronic cigarette industry the tobacco giant to enter from the sidelines

Electronic cigarettes may be more harmful than traditional cigarettes

Global prevalence of anti-smoking campaign , making electronic cigarettes in Europe and America sells more recent years by various channels such as scouring entering China Sea , although expensive, but still attract a lot of thought both smoking and do not want affected by nicotine abuse smokers . However, although the manufacturer says the product does not burn , so that others do not need to endure the unpleasant smell, the effect is similar to ordinary cigarettes , refreshing, satisfy cravings, while a smoking cessation effect, but it still encounters national governments in Europe and America “ban .” Health Organization says electronic cigarettes on the harm caused by the human body , may be even larger than traditional cigarettes.

Electronic cigarette shape similar to ordinary cigarettes , nicotine solution is vaporized a way to put the device into mist by simulating smoke real cigarettes , giving smokers bring excitement . It consists of a lithium battery ( rechargeable ) , atomizer ( heating element ) , smoke bombs ( usually see cigarette holder ) and other elements. To generate steam for electronic cigarette , smoke bombs , there is usually provided with propylene glycol or glycerol ( also known as glycerin ) or a solvent such as polyethylene glycol 400 , mixed with liquid nicotine , concentrated flavor ( vanilla , chocolate ) , the solvent can dissolve a solid , liquid or gaseous solute liquid nicotine is dissolved in a liquid solvent .

Health experts said the smoke bombs inside the nicotine content is not static, divided into high , medium and low concentrations. Nicotine addiction is the main reason , it will make smokers produce pleasure , natural addiction. The electronic cigarette vendors packed into pollution-free smoking cessation products , the principle is to gradually reduce the amount of nicotine in smoke bombs to help smokers get rid of dependence on nicotine , to achieve smoking cessation . This manufacturer stated that the electronic cigarette is not harmful ingredients ordinary cigarette tar , suspended particles , etc., than traditional cigarettes health. But Dr. German Federal Health Education Center director Elizabeth Potter this negative attitude . According to the British “Daily Mail ” reported a study of the electronic cigarette experts had previously said that manufacturers of liquid nicotine cigarette bomb evaporated to produce a puff effect, which adds a great deal in propylene glycol, as moisturizers . Up to account for 90% of propylene glycol in the liquid content of the smoke bombs . ” The material is easy to stimulate the respiratory tract , triggering some of the acute symptoms , the health hazards may be even higher than traditional cigarettes .”

In fact, the World Health Organization was in September 2008 on “e- cigarette” public comments , saying that scientific evidence has not yet mastered the electronic cigarette is a safe and effective smoking cessation tool. WHO has never been considered a legitimate electronic cigarettes to help smokers quit nicotine alternatives. The face of challenges from healthy tissue , the electronic cigarette manufacturers have changed to say the electronic cigarette is not a smoking cessation tool used only ” alternative cigarette pastime thing .” This evasive remarks , let electronic cigarette ” benefits and risks ” of the dispute continues to ferment .

According to British media reports, the British electronic cigarette users have more than one million in 2013 , is currently the UK electronic cigarette industry leader E-Lites has hundreds of daily sales branch in the United Kingdom there are many untested imported electronic cigarette brands. These devices contain tobacco, tobacco products, it is not subject to the control requirements . In addition, because the electronic cigarette does not belong in the classification of medical devices can not be managed in accordance with the Medical Devices Regulations .

Currently, the electronic cigarette in Norway , Switzerland, Turkey, Canada , Australia and Brazil , Argentina and other countries have been banned . Their health departments, unlike electronic cigarette manufacturers to promote health as harmless , they contain a certain amount of carcinogens and nicotine should ban the sale and consumption. Recently , the German city of Hanover is also introduced regulations to prohibit smoking electronic cigarette in public offices and transportation tools. Committee of the Russian Federation on February 20 approved the ” anti-smoking law .” Under the Act, since June 1 this year , Russia will lock up the electronic cigarette .

The special nature of electronic cigarettes , is currently in ” limbo ” on a global scale ( not part of medical products , tobacco products , drugs ) marginalized areas, ambiguous regulations , the audit are not related institutions . It is itself still contains nicotine and other addictive ingredient nicotine mist discharged may also affect other people ‘s health, their businesses labeled “healthy ” and other misleading labels great .

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