Chinese- American boy cartoon advocacy quit winning design

Chinese- American boy cartoon advocacy quit winning design

Many commercials to promote smoking cessation , are based horror picture show the terrible consequences of smoking , to alert people that smoking is harmful to health. And quit Brooklyn Huace theme will be held this year , but it is the children’s favorite cartoons, to achieve the same purpose.

The masters of propaganda cartoon is called Brock Li broccoli , the screen is divided into two , to show a healthy Brock Li and smoking habits of Brock Li vivid life control . And this cartoon masters are designed by a 11 -year-old Chinese boy Li Jinnan .李锦楠5 years old with his father emigrated to the U.S. , can now speak fluent English . He said the design was inspired by vegetables is healthy food , healthy.

Animation masters Brock Li Li Jinnan designer : “Health food can make the body strong, just like paintings have strong muscles , you can protect yourself , not frail weakness .”

Thedesign is the best design selected from more than 200 works . Children with his paintbrush depicting a healthy life, education of others away from tobacco .

153 public elementary school student Aleena Sklyar: ” Carrots are healthy foods are beneficial to the human eye , and smoking play opposite effect , people more healthy .”

The children learned about the dangers of smoking , in turn urged parents to quit smoking.

father Li Wenhai work in a restaurant , after immigration to the United States , have experienced tough times in order to relieve pressure on smoking , want to quit several times without success , with the help of his son , determined to make smoke to quit .

Li Wenhai said: ” I ​​saw smoke , I smoke hid the child took , and then thrown into the trash can inside the ring more than a year before , and later some family things , and pumping up , this time around he asked me to quit smoking immediately . I now began to quit smoking . ”

In addition to the problem of smoking adults , and now New York City youth smoking issue has become increasingly prominent. Brooklyn Chinese American Planning Council organized this event , is to make the children involved in the production process of this cartoon , childhood smoking is harmful to strengthen the concept of health .

Chinese American Planning Council , director of the Brooklyn branch of Chan Wai-yee : “We found that there are now 17,000 New York City high school students smoke , and more serious, so we grew up and educate them not to smoke .”

Brooklyn, one of the organizers will also quit cooperation activities , they appear repeatedly recommended to prevent smoking cessation , one of the effective methods is to seek the support of his family .

Brooklyn cessation of cooperation will Edric Robinson: ” to seek support, such as your friends and family to encourage you to quit smoking , like China policy organization will also help you , these people will encourage you to stick up smoking .”

Each year in March , the nation’s 50 states , held a variety of smoking cessation advocacy activities from government to private organizations alike. This activity , originated in 1996 , is a student-initiated smoking cessation advocacy activities , then known as kick butts day , this name has been in use ever since.


Brooklyn Huace cartoons organized to promote smoking cessation activities , commendable , on the one hand to let the children involved in the production process of this cartoon , childhood smoking is harmful to strengthen the concept of health ; the other hand, the children according to their own understanding animated film , better play the role of education among their peers. In addition , the children also tend to affect the attitude of parents to see their children are worried about bad habits , the power to get rid of bad habits parents undoubtedly Duoliaoyifen . In the long run , allow children to participate in such activities , but also to stimulate children ‘s creativity and social responsibility, thus cultivate more qualified personnel for the future of society. Such activities should be vigorously promoted !

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