Chesterfield Cigarettes

Chesterfield is a rich high visibility in the world, is very popular, has a long history of a brand of cigarettes, but had not been entering the country, it makes our smokers it is unfamiliar, we neglect. Because of this, we even have to understand the brand history of Chesterfield.
Chesterfield cigarette brands and by DRUMMOND tobacco company was founded in 1873, first calculate its history, a full 136 years, ah, (experienced nearly a half-century brand of cigarettes, it can go bad?) In this long 136 years, when the brand guitar in the first 80 years has been headed by the Drummond tobacco Company and produced until the 1960s, Liggett & Myers, the company bought the guitar when the brand, after nearly 20 years of operation auspicious influence in the world worse than before, in this case, has been gradually moving towards the ranks of tobacco giant Philip Morris, seeing sagacity, spotted Kat brand heritage and connotation, this century-old brand in the bag until now. It can be said that the chesterfield brand, Philip Morris’s success also restored the “youth”, at the same time, chesterfield historical heritage dramatic increase in the Philip Morris tobacco, its become the world’s largest tobacco group has achieved a lot.

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