Berlin has become a paradise for smokers

Berlin has become a paradise for smokers

Tobacco in Spain according to the “World News” website reported on April 11 in the evening, a famous street in Berlin’s Charlottenburg district Kurz several bars smokers start driving, but just talking about it. Packet of cigarettes, cigarettes or marijuana exudes a “fragrance” is the city’s most popular nighttime activities invitation. Although 2007 began, like most European cities, as stipulated, not only in public places, and even are not allowed to smoke in private places, but Berlin did not comply with the law. The German metropolis has become a haven for smokers. “Some people go to Amsterdam coffee shops where cannabis is like drinking milk as common in bars and clubs, you can freely do it, nobody would have any comment on this.” Lived since 2009 in Berlin Asturian photographer Javier said. And to prove what he says is right is not difficult, sign in front of this city smog forming various leisure shop is the best evidence.

Particularly striking is that these people can break the law with impunity under the bar owner or bartender waiter cold eyes. Even in some places you can see Germanic specific notice that says smoking action has stopped. “If not, Berlin will not become such a special place and we are talking about a different country with other European cities, it exists in other countries will not allow indulgence behavior, where there is complete freedom to create, wear clothing, power consumption, and does not seem to matter what is forbidden. “one of Berlin’s most fashionable neighborhoods, Neukölln district, a store manager Oliver said. The key reason for residents to resist these prohibitions is that there are loopholes in the law.

Smoke Forum Association Johannes also said that these bars do not comply with the law is a failure of the law. A large number of exceptions to the phenomenon appeared in 2009 showed that this problem has been unable to control. If you want to go to those who do not smoke, then dance bars or clubs, have no chance to breathe fresh air. He also complained that control the behavior of the government is very superficial, and after 12:00 is a very basic free time. Last year, several students of the Technical University of Berlin, did a study, to confirm these entertainment venues in Berlin do not comply with the law degree how serious. The results showed that: in the late 11:00 to 4:00 Room 100 clubs surveyed, only 16 complied with the law, while the rest of this impunity, and neither set up a dedicated smoking area.

Berlin does not meet the legal requirements of the criticism has been involved in the political sphere, therefore, the Social Democratic Party of Lothar proceed vigorously promoted by passive smokers Protection Act in 2007 and 2008. Ministry of Finance is also a member of the SPD in Bavaria, Saarland and North Rhine – Westphalia strengthened the relevant aspects of management, during Oktoberfest, and even increased the management efforts of those who sell beer stalls .

The medical profession also promising efforts to improve the situation and the person.Pankow Wolfe, Neukölln district, a chief physician of the clinic specializes in the treatment of lung indulgence smokers warned: “When you are in the smoke-filled nightclub dancing excitement of passive smokers also caused a very serious harm. “Remember, stroke rate was only in strict compliance with those countries smoking law will be low. In fact, according to a study released by the Andaman health insurance companies last year, the German public health costs due to smoking in public places and saved about 150 million euros. Now, however, the Berlin bar, customers are still holding a beer in his mouth spitting smoke ring, enjoying the smoke enveloped the world.

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